Open Theists From the Reformation to the Present

Greg Boyd tweeted out earlier this week that a friend of his has amassed quite a bit of historical evidence proving the open view was supported by Arminian theologians in 1642.

He is working to get data published from Thomas’s work whether in the form of a book or a paper. These findings are significant because much of the claims against those who criticize open theism do so because they wrongly believe the idea has no historical groundings and is the result of “new” thinking.

This new evidence would bring to light that even those who were doing important reformation theology work did not discount the open view as biblically plausible.

From my perspective I in no way shape or form need to be right about open theism. It is the view I have decided to land on in order to reconcile elements of the text that I feel Calvinism and the Arminian view can not logically reconcile. I can see how and why others resonate with views opposite of Open Theism and I have no problem with that.

What I have a problem with is when people tell me that open theism borders is not a biblical possibly view to land on or even worse that it borders on heresy. Those claims are deeply ignorant in way to many ways for me to even begin to get into.

I am looking forward to seeing this work by Thomas Lukashow as I am hoping it gives us the needed historical evidence to help open theism be recognized as a biblical possibility with key historical roots.

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